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Shen Men Tao

Circle Arts

Shen Men Tao is a system of Chinese internal martial arts taught in Minneapolis, Minnesota by Charles Morris, Senior Shen Men Tao Instructor. Charles has over 30 years experience practicing martial arts.

New students to Shen Men Tao will learn foundational skills and progress through the forms and lessons in proportion to the time, effort and talent presented by each student individually.

Shen Men Tao focuses on four basic principles: soft, centered, circular and rhythmic.

Students will have the opportunity to learn multiple Chinese internal martial arts under one cohesive system. The martial arts include: Yang Style Tai Chi, Shaanxi Xing Yi and Sun Style Ba Gua Zhang. Students aren't required to learn in any particular order and will get out what they put in. Students can focus on the art or arts of their choosing. Students with previous martial arts experience should be prepared to alter their previous practice to match the Shen Men Tao style of training and structure.

Contact Charles Morris to get an introduction to your first class or to find out more about what the Shen Men Tao system offers.

Charles Morris
P: (612) 741-6360
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